What can Scriptme do for you?

  • Automatic transcription

  • Save time

  • Boost your productivity

    Convert audio to text

  • Automatic subtitles

  • Team collaboration

  • Work in projects

    Convert video to text

Edit your transcription

How does it work?

Scriptme offers an easy, fast, affordable and automated 3 step process to take your transcription workflow to the next level



Upload your files, choose a language and press transcribe. Now we convert audio to text.



We have a simple but powerful editor that will allow you to make changes quickly.



Export to your workflow in a wide range of formats..txt, .doc, avid markers, .srt, .stl, adobe premiere.

How does it work

Automatic transcription

Transcribing by hand is painfully slow and expensive. ScriptMe uses the power of Artificial Intelligence to automate the process. So you can focus on the things that matter.


Easy subtitles

Use the visual subtitle page, see the result and make it perfect, just the way you want it. Edit, then trim and get subtitles with excellent timing in a blink of an eye.

Edit perfect

Edit perfectly

Follow along using intuitive tools that keep your transcription in sync with source. Get the right result, every time.

Export transcription

Export compatibility

Export in a variety of formats, including Avid, Adobe Premiere, Word, SLT and SRT for subtitling.

Easy subtitle

You want to try it?

You get 15 min free transcription, no strings attached.

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  • 15 min free trial
  • No credit card required
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Our customers

Alaska producktion
Högskolan i väst
Brand New Content
Guller Group
Liberalerna subtitle with scriptme
Strix TV
Region Östergötland
Ramboll transcribe with scriptme

“ScriptMe is absolutely fantastic. So damn good, I just did a TV show “Swedish Crime Case” and needed to get started with script writing as soon as possible. Had two hours of interview that needed transcribing Scriptme solved it in a blink. I could start writing the day after we filmed. It is nice that the time code is included and that it follows along as you listen.”

Jesper Balfe
Brand New Content

"ScriptMe offer an outstanding transcription service! We have used the site for the transcription of approx. 45h of interview recordings in Swedish as part of a research project, we estimate that we have saved 225 h of work. "

Job van Eldijk
Job van Eldijk

Planning architect

"I tested ScriptMe on a large Reality show production that had a very busy post-production workflow, there were many episodes that needed to be produced with a tight schedule. We hade a lots of dailes coming in every week and the production period was long. The logging went incredibly faster with ScriptMe and speeded up the whole post production process which was invaluable. I do not hesitate to use the tool again !."

Cia Hedenström
Cia Hedenström
Senior Project Manager

We offer this and much more

Language extensive

We support Swedish, English, Spanish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, German and many more languages.

Fast and accurate

Hours of audio/video transcribed in minutes and ready to use.

Highlighted text with playback

You can easily follow your transcription while playing back your video or audio. What you hear is highlighted in the text.

Post-production script

When you copy and paste from the ScriptMe edit page, the start and end timecode of your suggestions follow your text, making editing more natural and precise. That's a huge time saver.

Export for your need

Support for all the major file formats in the media industry, including Avid, Adobe, Resolve, Office word and SRT, VTT and EBU STL for subtitling .

Share your transcript

Enables your team to work from different locations. 

Subtitle edit page

What you see is what you get. On the ScriptMe subtitle edit page you can trim your subtitles and design them in the desired colour, font and background.

Export video with subtitles

You can export your video with subtitles already overlaid.
No more need for SRT files or overtly sophisticated editing applications.

Tailor-made solution

We can offer custom made solutions that are easy to use and best fit your specific needs

Frequently asked questions

Looking for more info? Here are some things we're commonly asked.
If your question isn't here, please feel free to chat with us or send us an email to hey@scriptme.io

How the free trial works?

As a new member, you will get 15 minutes for free so you can try out the magic of ScriptMe, you'll fall in love with it. Furthermore, no credit card is needed and you won't be charged until you decide to purchase extra hours.

Which browsers do you support?

We support Firefox and Chrome, we dont support Safari.

How long does it take to transcribe a file?

Our transcription engine is faster than realtime. Consequently one hour of audio/video should be ready in less than 60 minutes. It may take longer if the audibility is poor.

Are my video files private & secure?

Yes, your privacy is our duty. So we follow the best security practices for data storage. Also all your data is safely protected in a well known cloud provider.
By the way, if you want your files to be stored and served from your private server/cloud, don't hesitate to contact us and we'll set up a custom-tailored solution for your bussines.

How does ScriptMe Pro subscription work?

With ScriptMe Pro, you get all the functions except the ones in Enterprise plus 3 hours to use every month. When the 3 hours are used up you can buy more hours.
You can cancel your subscription anytime. Visit your preferences page when you are logged in and head on to Billing and plans.

How accurate the transcription is?

Given we are an automated system, we can't say we're 100% correct, but we can be pretty close with a good quality audio. To accommodate those imperfect transcriptions, we have built a powerful editor so you can get your job done quickly and easy.

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