ScriptMe is time and cost efficient!

"We at Brand New Content have used ScriptMe in most of our productions to transcribe hours of materials.
It is an extremely flexible tool that is time and cost efficient.

Highly recommended!"

Marielle Ragnarsson Dückhow

Head of Production, Brand New Content Group

"I tested ScriptMe on a large Reality show production that had a very busy post-production workflow, there were many episodes that needed to be produced with a tight schedule. We hade a lots of dailes coming in every week and the production period was long.

The logging went incredibly faster with ScriptMe and speeded up the whole post production process which was invaluable. I do not hesitate to use the tool again !."

Cia Hedenström

Producer, Senior Project Manager

I do not hesitate to use the tool again !

Teamwork in Projects and Search for words and sentences


Work in projects with your team

Work with your transcriptions and subtitles in projects and invite team members to access the project so you can all work together. Your team can be anywhere in anytime.

That is what media production is all about, teamwork!


Search for words and sentences in entire project

When writing manuscript and editing it is important to find the content in your transcription. With ScriptMe search function, you can search in hundreds of transcription files and find the the file and timecode of the content you need.


Copy paste with exact timecode

When you copy and paste from ScriptMe transcription inside ScriptMe, in to your manuscript, you get all the metadata you need and exact timecode for the first word.


ScriptMe lets you transcribe 60 min interview ready to work with, in less than an hour

all devices






Subtitling have never been easier, faster and more what you see is what you get.

all devices

Transcription, Subtitle and more

Language extensive

We support Swedish, English, Spanish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, and many more languages.

Fast and accurate

Hours of audio/video transcribed in minutes and ready to use.

Highlighted text with playback

You can easily follow your transcription while playing back your video or audio. What you hear is highlighted in the text.

Post-production script

When you copy and paste from the ScriptMe edit page, the start and end timecode of your suggestions follow your text, making editing more natural and precise. That's a huge time saver.

Export for your need

Support for all the major file formats in the media industry, including Avid markers, Adobe XML, Office word and SRT and EBU STL for subtitling .

Share your transcript

Enables your team to work from different locations. 

Subtitle edit page

What you see is what you get. In Scriptme subtitle edit page you can trim your subtitles and design de in desired color, font and background.

Subtitle burn

You can export your video with subtitle overlaid. No more need of SRT file or sophisticated and expansiv editing applications.

On-Premises solution

You can have Scriptme on a server inside your firewalls. No more need of uploading your media to Cloud. Your media stays inside your facility.

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